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This tutorial shows you "how to set java_home (Java Variable) for windows 10". Here I am going to set path for java version jdk1.8.0_111. You can apply this for other version also.

  • ·      Windows 10
  • ·      Jdk1.8.0_111

1.  Advanced System Settings : Search advanced system settings in START Menu and click to open as indicated in below screen shots -

2. In System Properties window, Find Environment Variables and click to open it or follow screen shot -

3. Click on "New" Tab below System variables or click as indicated -

4. In New System Variable window:
  • Enter Variable Name as JAVA_HOME
  • Enter Variable value (For this go to C drive program files, Find java folder and open it and copy the path from address bar and paste in variable value)
  • Click OK

  •  JAVA_HOME  is set now, You can see in below screen shot. 
  •  Find Path below JAVA_HOME, select and Click edit

6. Now set JAVA PATH as "%JAVA_HOME%\bin". Click OK 

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