Here in this tutorial, I will show you to install java in windows 10 step by step with screen shots. For installing Java in windows follow these steps :

  1.  How To Download :
For downloading java goto and follow the no. mentioned in the screen shot given below -

  • Click on java developer link and a page will open shown in below screen shot-

  • Now open Java SE link below Top Downloads 
  • Look at below screen shot and click on JDK (Java Development Kit) Download link.

  • You will be redirected On Java SE Development Kit and you can download latest version of java. For this click on the circle just before Accept the license agreement and accept the oracle binary code agreement.
  • You will get this "Thank you for accepting the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE; you may now download this software."
  • Now Click on red arrow download link For windows for 64 bit or 86 bit, according to your computer configuration.

  • Now check you Download folder and find you JDK kit, which you have recently downloaded

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