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I strongly believe that a good manual tester always be a good automation tester.
Maximum people choose testing career because they think that there is no such requirement of coding/programming knowledge in manual testing. They afraid to do coding and think if they have knowledge about programming/coding so why not they become a developer.
I want to add my views for those who thinks there is no requirement of coding/programming knowledge in manual testing, if you have coding/programming knowledge you can understand the software in a better way i.e. about its architecture, its implementation, etc. And if you think like so then why you are learning JAVA, SQL, HTML in your academic days. Is it just because your course contains this? If not then try to utilize all the knowledge which you had earned in your academic days.

As per my views if a QA can only understand the better approach to view the product in different ways and s/he knows the way to break the things. When s/he starts to program those ways which s/he understand very well to find the vulnerability/bug from the application then it will very beneficial to deliver a better product to end user.

Automation testing not only requires the programing/coding skills although it requires a good testing approach to find the bugs/faults within the product. And when a person who have good testing approach as well as good programing skills then he must be a good automation tester.

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