Automation testing is the use of software in following manners:

  • To set test preconditions: We can use automation testing to set preconditions of a test scenario. For example, we need to test send email feature of application. To test this scenario we need to follow sign up and login process. If we have automation script for sign up and login then we can easily run the script and test the scenraio by saving lot of manual effort.
  • To control the execution of tests: We can control the test execution in automation testing. For example, if we have a test suite which includes test script for sign up, login, send mail, check sent mail and logout then we can customize the selection of scripts by selecting only sign up, send mail and logout test scripts to run in automation testing.
  • To compare the actual outcomes to expected outcomes: We can easily compare the actual and expected outcomes in automation testing.
  • To report the Execution Status: In automation testing, it is easy to prepare the test status summary and report of current testing. We can generate the result in any of the required formats like excel, xml, html, etc.

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